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10 Tips for javascript developers

As a developer, JavaScript is an essential language to know, especially for modern web development. JavaScript can be used to create dynamic and interactive websites and web-based applications.

Ace your next software interview

A small guide that scratches the surface of some interview techniques for software developers

Cleaning up reducers with kotlin-when

how can we go about cleaning up this reducer? This is where our kotlin-when package comes in handy. In order to clean up our state we can leverage the kotlin-when package.

Manginag modals in react

Websites use modals to enhance the user experience. Modals provide an effective way to present information and can be used to draw attention to key elements on a page. They can provide a user with a quick overview of a page’s content and can also be used to present options to the user.

Suggestify - a monday.com app

Recently I had heard of an app called monday so I decided to build a small app for their marketplace.