Suggestify - a app


When researching I saw that many of the folks on the ideas forums were looking for a way of suggesting content with docs on

So I decided to build this feature.

You can book a demo here

How it works

The first thing users need to do is install the Suggestify app from the marketplace. Once this is done anytime they highlight text the app will be available. They can enter suggestions for other team members to review, approve or deny.

Users will know if content has a suggestion as it will be coloured Blue with a line strike through it. Highlighting the text will allow the user to approve the suggestion which will create a new piece of content within the block. Or deny the suggestions which will revert the blockb back to its previous state.

How to use it

  1. Install the app from the marketplace
Add to
  1. Highlight text in a text block and click on the suggestify icon
  1. Enter in your alternative text suggestion and click add suggestion
  1. Another team member can now review / approve or deny the suggestion
  1. If approved the suggestion will be replace the block

If denied the block will revert back to its previous state